About Us


I have vast experience across a broad spectrum of businesses, have experienced significant entrepreneurial success, and people who have worked with me have been able to use the knowledge they gained under my guidance to create their own success stories. I bring to the table not only that knowledge, but also the specialized ability to assist individuals in finding the right niche, which is especially valuable in finding the franchise that best suits one’s interests and abilities.

Union Mutual Life Insurance Company (UNUM) 1965-1978

While still in college, I began my career at Union Mutual as a claims examiner. In 1965 I quickly rose to assistant manager, and in 1969 was put in charge of developing and writing code for the first group claims system. In 1970 I was promoted to Sales Director, handling the entire administration for all group sales offices in the US and Canada. This included negotiation of national advertising, which was a first for the company, and selection of office space for all new offices, with all the attendant lease negotiations and administrative details. In 1971 I assumed responsibility for a newly created reinsurance operation. We grew that to be the leading operation in the United States. In 1976 the 13 employees in my division, out of 1300 total employees, produced 10% of the corporate profit for the year. I was promoted to second vice president, one of the youngest in the history of the company. I was then asked to come back to group sales, where I was put in charge of the third of the operation that was not doing well. In thirteen months we took that region to the second best producing region in the country. The New York and Boston operation always held first place!

Founder and President, Miele and Associates 1978-1989

Miele and Associates was a long term disability reinsurance company that managed a syndicate of insurance companies.. I patterned M&A after Lloyds of London in that our syndicate was a “joint” and not “several” syndicate, which meant that all members were protected by the strength of all the other members, a totally unusual concept for the U.S. at that time. We brought expertise and strength to this line of business when many were questioning whether long term disability could even be a profitable business, and whether they should consider exiting the market. Over the next eleven years we acquired one hundred twenty clients and grew from zero premiums to forty five million of reinsurance premiums, which meant that we controlled a block of over one hundred million premium dollars. Our syndicate not only made money for our clients but did so for all the syndicate members. Our members earned a return of ten million dollars of profits. To put it in perspective, during the same eleven year time frame, our primary competitor took their book of business from twenty million to only thirty million, and did not return the same profits as M&A.

Senior Vice President, Duncanson and Holt 1983-1985

While continuing to run M&A, I assumed responsibilities for Duncanson and Holt American Accident Reinsurance Group, the largest accident and health reinsurer in the United States, with whom M&A had merged. D&H was losing $1.65 for every $1.00 premium received. Within nine months we returned their book of business to a profitable status.

Real Estate Development and Acquisition 1979- Present

In 1979 my wife(Vicki) and I entered the real estate business by managing the construction of a twenty thousand square foot building to house our growing reinsurance business. We subsequently developed commercial and residential property in Maine, Florida and Wyoming. Our favorite project was our involvement with the Tucker Ranch, an exclusive private development in Jackson Hole. We love that part of the country.

North east Paging 1991-1997

In 1991 Vicki and an associate started this Maine based paging company and enlisted me and our son, a recent Columbia MBA graduate and associate at a growing M&A firm, to assist with the development and subsequent sale. We acquired spectrum from the Canadian border to New York and the company grew to be the leading provider of paging in the Northeast quarter in a span of seven years. We exited the company at just the right time to maximize value, earning a nice return on our capital.

Ourstage 2007-2016

Ourstage was an Indie (new) music development company which developed platforms for unknown artists to advance their careers as well as platforms for measuring fan appreciation via contests. I was an early investor and former board member. The board and shareholders of the company asked me to help with the reorganization of Ourstage to prepare it for acquisition by Amazing Media. We successfully concluded the sale of Ourstage to Amazing Media in January 2015. I continue to be involved with both Ourstage and Amazing Media.

Amazing Media 2013-2016

Amazing Media, a European company, acquired Ourstage to gain a foothold in the United States and to expand the Ourstage platform to Europe. The acquisition of Ourstage saved them years of development time and expense. They have parleyed that acquisition into major contacts with McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. They also continue to develop their own independent artist releases. I have assisted with the transition of Ourstage, initially serving on the board of Amazing Media. Although I resigned from the board in 2015, I still act as the shareholder liaison for the Ourstage investors to the Amazing Media Board. Looking forward, I expect that Amazing Media will have a profitable exit for the stockholders.

Advice Media 2011-2015

I am a former board member of Advice Media, the leading internet marketing company for medical professionals. The company has grown from 5 to 70 people during my tenure. In addition to building the foundation for sound corporate governance, I assisted the company in developing marketing initiatives, including performance measurement data and targets. I also assisted in general overall business advice and in analysis of acquisition targets.